To have healthy and good looking teeth as adults, the white crowns need to be taken care of in childhood. Diet has a direct relation to the strength and beauty of teeth. Malnutrition is the main cause for weak teeth and junk food is the largest culprit in tooth decay.

A consistent supply of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients keeps the teeth safe from damage and make them strong enough for your kid to enjoy sweets without worry.

Of course all healthy foods are natural. Fruits and vegetables are the most important source of nutrients. Vitamin C is a very important component of dental health. It helps strengthen gums and boosts up resistance. Fruits like kiwis, oranges and strawberries are a great source of Vitamin C. The fruits will prevent harmful bacteria from colonizing and contributing in gingivitis.

Dairy products are also very important. Make milk a daily routine for your kids. Encourage them to eat yogurt and cheese with their meals or as a snack. These dairy products raise the pH levels in the mouth and reduce the effect of the acids produced by dental plaque. The raised pH prevents tooth decay. Dairy products are also rich in calcium and vitamin D. These nutrients adhere to the tooth enamel and act as a defence against acids.

Another powerful ingredient is seeds. Include seeds like pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds into your kid’s lunch. The seeds go especially well with sandwiches and burgers. Seeds are naturally high in fat content. These fats are very important for the body and help protect against bacteria. They also reinforce the enamel thus reducing chances of cavities.

Crunchy vegetables also provide a unique way of enhancing teeth. Vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, green beans and carrots require extended chewing. The chewing process with the crunchy bits of vegetables acts as a tooth cleaner. The bits scrub the teeth removing plaque that gathers after meals. These vegetables are easily available at any grocery store.

Also encourage your child to have a piece of sugar-free chewing gum daily. The gum is very efficient in polishing tooth surface and removing food debris from the crevices. It also increases saliva production which acts as an anti-bacterial agent. Fifteen minutes of gum chewing give your mouth a proper cleaning run.

These all foods will help in providing the ‘good force’ for your child’s teeth. However, it is important that the ‘bad force’ is kept to its minimum as well.

Regulate the amount of sweets and sticky candies that your child consumes. Foods like taffy, caramel and hard candy cause major destruction. Soft drinks are also very harmful. The best protection against these foods is to have some sugar-free gum handy.

And last but not the least, maintain the habit of seeing a dentist twice a year and brushing regularly. Brushing is the most important protection that the teeth have.