You may have heard many dos and don’ts when it comes to your oral health. Many of them are old wives tales in dentistry ranging from how oral hygiene can affect your teeth to how a tooth extraction is actually not painful. Here are some of the most common myths and what they really mean for your overall oral health.

Myth #1: Oral hygiene only affects your teeth.
When people talk about oral health, they always think of their teeth. While the teeth are a major element of oral health, all other areas in your mouth should also be given importance. Furthermore, problems in your teeth don’t just stay in your mouth. You may not know it but it can actually cause more complicated issues. Many studies have showed relationship between poor dental health and heart problems.

Myth #2: If don’t eat sweets, your teeth will be healthy.
Sugary foods contain starch and carbohydrates that stay in your mouth until you wash it. Bacteria can also reproduce in multiple kinds of starches and sugar. Aside from sweets, there’s a whole list of foods that can cause problems in your teeth. Any food that you take in your mouth will have some particles or fragments left. Later on, they will turn into acid. Acid will become the breeding ground of bacteria in your mouth and there will be the problem. It is important that you brush your teeth every after meal and take care of your mouth and your dental nutrition. If you can’t brush your teeth, just gargle with clean water to remove the food particles.

Myth #3: A tooth extraction is very painful.
For severe tooth problems, a tooth extraction will need to be performed. Many studies showed that people get highly stressed when going to the dentist. This is because of the idea that it hurts or it will hurt. But actually, dental procedures these days have dramatically revolutionized. The high technology used in many dental clinics has made dental operations and procedures an ok experience.

Myth #4: The more you brush, the better your teeth become.
This is perhaps one of the most common myths that millions of people all around the world believe in. Some people just get too obsessed on making their smiles perfect that they would brush their teeth every hour. However, excessive brushing does more harm than good. Every time you brush, the outermost layer of your teeth ( the enamel) is also being brushed away. Enamel is a protective covering that fights tooth decay. You can actually make use of mouthwash that contains enamel to help build it up. Brushing three times a day should be enough, but if you want to protect your teeth, floss everyday as well, and try to rinse out your mouth with water every few hours or anytime you put any food in your mouth.

Myth #5: A pain reliever will cure toothache.
Pain relievers work by sending messages to your brain that there’s no more pain. While it is true that it can give you comfort, it’s just temporary. And no matter how many painkillers you take, the problem will remain until you go to your dentist and have it treated. Dental health is something that you don’t want to set aside. Having good oral health will not just give you more confidence but it will also add to your overall health. Bust these myths and whenever you have question, ask only the professionals.