Visiting a holistic dentist is a very different experience than visiting a traditional dentist. Holistic dentists are concerned with the well-being of the entire body and not just with the teeth. They know that each part of the body is connected and what is done to one part affects the whole. They take great pains to keep you healthy and make sure that your over-all well being is protected.

To this end, they use techniques and equipment that is different than you would expect when you visit a traditional dentist’s office. First of all, they will do procedures to check your over-all health. Besides the usual x-rays and examination of your teeth and gums, the holistic dentist will do an electrical reading of your fillings and crowns. This painless procedure will tell the dentist what order to work on your teeth in. And virtually all holistic dentists use low-radiation x-rays to reduce the amount of radiation you receive.

Holistic dentists know that the use of amalgam fillings that contain mercury and nickel can be very bad for a person’s overall health.  Mercury leaks out and can poison the system, and many people are allergic to nickel. They remove these metal fillings and replace them with composite resins or porcelain fillings that will not impact the body negatively. A holistic dentist will never use metal fillings. 

When they prepare to remove the metal fillings, they will use what is called a dental dam.This is a device that resembles a plastic cone that is fitted over the tooth to be worked on. This prevents the metal filings from getting into the patient’s mouth and saliva and causing problems later. The dental assistant uses a very high powered suction machine and water to keep the area free of filings.

A holistic dentist will probably have you get blood drawn for specific tests to establish your overall health, as well as to check if mercury in your old fillings has impacted you blood cells. They may have a sample of your hair examined for metals. All of this is to establish the effect that metal fillings may have had on you and your immune system, and to help them decide the best course of action for you.

The holistic dentist may have you take certain vitamin supplements prior to the procedures to assure you are at your optimum level of health.They may have  you take supplements after as well, to help with healing. They may recommend some changes to your diet as well.

Many holistic dentists utilize the newest technologies when it comes to working on your teeth. Lasers and the new air-abrasion techniques can replace the old dentist drill.  Some offices are also equipped with a negative ion generator to remove all traces of the mercury vapor that is released when old mercury fillings are removed.

Holistic dentistry is concerned with your health and they believe that your mouth, and what is put into it, affects your immune system and your health in general.