Before bringing your children to the dentist, parents must give their kids a great start by instilling good oral care habits. Teaching this can prove to be an uphill task for many, mainly if your kids are too young and don’t the understand the importance of keeping their teeth clean and healthy. By teaching good oral care habits to your little ones, you will be doing them a huge favor.

Even if your kids visit the dentist frequently for check-ups, daily oral care practices should be performed regularly at home. Young minds are like sponges and absorb all information they get, therefore it can be extremely beneficial if you include good oral care in one of your rules.

1. Benefits of Brushing:
Learning to brush for the first time can be tough. It appears to be a simple task as we have been doing it for years. Even adults sometimes brush their teeth incorrectly. Therefore, it is important that you get your brushing skills right before you teach your kids.

The brush must be held at a 45-degree angle and used in gentle, circular, quick motions. Abrasive brush action may cause gum and sensitivity issues. Children must brush after meals or at least two or three times a day. Each session should last for two minutes or so. Give your child a brushing stopwatch and help them get the correct timing. Ensure that they are reaching all outside and inside surfaces of your teeth. The roof of their mouth and the tongue must be cleaned as well, to keep bacteria away.

2. Daily Flossing:
Flossing is another method of maintaining oral hygiene. Many orthodontists and dentists from around the globe strongly believe that it is absolutely safe for small kids to use flossing for keeping their teeth clean. Compared to brushing, flossing can be really easy to learn. Let your kids roll the floss around their fingers and use it to clean their teeth. The floss strings must be gently dragged between two teeth. Parents and guardians must be present when their children are using dental flosses, as swallowing the strings may be hazardous.

3. Proper Clean-Up After Sweets:
Several parents believe that sweets can be the major cause of tooth decay. It is true that sugary stuff causes damage to teeth, but only when the teeth are not cleaned properly. While you are controlling your child’s sugar intake, make sure they clean their mouth every time eat anything sweet or starchy. Children often enjoy eating sweet beverages and candies, which may cause real harm to their teeth. After your child has had dessert, make sure they are rushed to brush their teeth. Don’t let them eat sweets when there no chances of them brushing their teeth afterward. Also, dental nutrition is a great way to promote overall wellness.

4. Begin Early:
The key to inculcate good oral care is to begin early. Let them choose their favorite color brush and toothpaste flavor. Make sure they enjoy this activity and not consider it to be a punishment. As soon as the first baby teeth appear, cleaning must be made a daily ritual. Take your children to dentist and let them meet people who know more about oral care. This will prevent the need for emergency dentistry services later on in their lives when they are all grown up.