Who wouldn’t want to have a good set of pearly white teeth? Everyone loves to have that perfect shining smile. But how do we wash up your teeth so they stay white? Or…if you already have stained teeth because of tea, coffee or smoking, how do you get back to having that original smile?

Cosmetic dentists have ways to obtain that happy smile of yours. Some may be done in the office, while others can be done at home. Read below to know the different types of procedures to whiten your smile.


Custom Fit Tray Bleaching:
Plastic trays are worn and fitted like the boxer’s mouth piece. They are custom fitted to have a firm and accurate grip on your teeth. A whitening compound or gel is placed on the inside part of the fitting, the part where that touches your teeth. You have to wear them for two to three hours a day depending on what the dentist ordered. You’ll get results in weeks. They are generally common because they give results and they are affordable. 

Whitening Strips:
These teeth whitening strips are available in over the counter and are easy to use. They resemble the old dependable scotch tape. But instead of having just adhesive on the sticky side, they have made teeth bleaching agents available with the adhesive. The procedure is very easy: Get the strip out of the package and peel any protective covering for the adhesive. Stick the tape (strip as they call it) to your teeth and wait. It’s best to read the instructions to know how much time you need to have it effective.

Britesmile Teeth Whitening:
Britesmile is a product line for teeth whitening products. They are safe and cost wise great. They have been proven effective. These are given in kits; one for the dentist and one for you. The dentists then do the procedure in accordance to their expertise. The dentist’s kit will usually have a gel that is spread to teeth and then light is shined to your teeth after the gel is evenly spread. Your part of the kit may contain some maintaining toothpastes and some gargle mixes.

Whitening Toothpastes:
These are not your ordinary toothpastes. Whitening toothpastes usually cost more than that of your normal over the counter, grocery type toothpastes and in some instances they will be prescribed by your dentist. There may be some specialized instructions included in the package, or just use it like the ordinary ones. 

It solely depends on you (and your dentist) which procedures you want to part. The best thing about them is that they are all safe. Having a good set of white teeth will give you confidence and a whole lot more. Go to the dentist and make your smile sparkle!


 Laser Bleaching:
The teeth are cleaned free from any foreign materials. Laser bleaching is done for the teeth lines near the gum line. A gel is applied to your teeth and spread evenly. This is a specialized peroxide gel that will be activated by the laser. The laser is applied as a catalyst to the chemical reaction to whiten your teeth. Now you can smile.