One of the newest technologies in dental offices today are the use of the laser. It is still new enough that not all dentists have this technology, but the ones who do are proud of all the advantages lasers offer to patients. There are many benefits and no drawbacks or side effects at all. While traditional drills relied on heat and vibration to do the work, the laser is simply an extremely concentrated beam of light. There is no heat and no vibration at all.
One of the biggest benefits that lasers offer is the reduction of bleeding. The laser actually cauterizes the vessels as it works, greatly reducing the amount of bleeding in certain procedures. This is not only beneficial to the average patient, but allows the dentist to work on patients with health problems such as diabetes, heart problems and those who are on blood thinners. Because there is no actual cutting, lasers mean no stitches. The use of lasers means a much shorter healing time is needed. Lasers actually sterilize the area as the dentist works. This reduces the chances of infection to nearly nothing.

There is little or no pain when lasers are used, so this means that the patient is more comfortable during the procedures, and that there is virtually no need for anesthesia. Patients who are especially fearful of dental procedures tolerate the use of lasers with much greater ease and greatly reduced fear.

Lasers are much more precise to use than the traditional drill. It makes it much simpler for the dentist to work. It requires removing much less tooth surface when treating cavities or preparing teeth for cosmetic procedures. It allows the dentist to target areas precisely. When gums are being sculpted, it is much more precise there as well. The gum can be reshaped with a lot less gum loss.

When tooth whitening is desired, the use of the laser will enhance the effects of the bleaching agents used by the dentist. In bonding procedures, the laser is used to quickly harden the bonding material. The laser makes tooth shaping quick and simple. It makes the removal of old or defective tooth veneers much easier.

Lasers can be used to detect cavities that can’t be seen by the naked eye. They can actually ‘see’ inside of a tooth, reducing the need for x-rays. They can seal the small tubules that cause tooth sensitivity. They can be used to remove benign tumors from the mouth. They can actually be used to reduce the appearance and pain of cold sores!

It may all sound like science fiction, but it is the technology of today. You need to choose a dentist who has experience using a laser for dental procedures. But when you find one, you will never want to go back to the traditional drill.